Hi all :wave:,   Happy Weekend! Feeling optimistic and determined this sunny Saturday in SF - and very excited to be joining y'all! My quick intro is as follows: I'm currently a Senior Business Analyst at McKinsey, but currently actively looking for my next opportunity. While at McKinsey, I focused primarily on "digital" and public sector work and narrowed my focus over the last year to "Product" adjacent work. Some fun facts about me: I love to cook and am currently going through an eggplant and fresh pasta phase; I'm a self-proclaimed transportation nerd; and I'm always on the hunt for new music and podcasts.

Professional Goals

My professional goals include owning long term strategy and goal setting for disruptive organizations, alongside providing the type of empathic people leadership and guidance that I've been lucky to experience for others.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

Social impact

Functional Expertise

Business operations
Product operations

Future Interests

Financial services


  • Happy to make intros and act as a connector to my network
  • I'm pretty well versed in casing - if you or anyone you know is looking to move into a job where case interviews are part of the process, let's chat!
  • San Francisco / Seattle / DC reccs and secrets (primarily food lol)


  • If you love what you do and are in a Product, BizOps, or Growth space - I'd love to chat and hear more!
  • Intros to folks in your network who might be hiring!
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