Hi everyone! I'm very excited to be here :) Shoutout to my fiancé @justinrosssnyder for referring me to the community. My name is Danielle, and I was born and raised in New York City. I have 8+ years experience working in the marketing industry across product, brand, and agency teams. Currently, I'm a Manager of Product Marketing at a small startup called Amazon, where I lead strategic growth of a self-service advertising measurement tool. I've been with Amazon since 2016 and have held a few different roles across the company. Prior to that, I worked at a digital ad agency called Carat under the Dentsu Aegis Network within their National Video Activation team. 

Outside of work, I spend way too much time with @justinrosssnyder and our Goldendoodle named Chewbacca (@chewiethedude). We're moving back to the Upper West Side next week and would love to get together with local Propellers over the summer!!

Professional Goals


Experience & Interest

Current Industry


Functional Expertise

Product marketing

Future Interests

Food and beverage
Media and entertainment


  • Working at Amazon for the last 5 years, I've made a number of connections across the org and am happy to make an introduction if it's a company you're interested in joining. I'm also currently interviewing candidates for my own team, so am happy to guide you through the process.
  • Amazon also has a ton of processes and resources that are used to build out new product features or ideas - I'm happy to share these with any entrepreneurs that are looking to start up their own business.
  • Outside of Amazon, I'm also happy to make connections with anyone in my LinkedIn network if there's a different job or person that you're hoping to speak with.


  • I'm currently looking for my next career move. While I'm particularly interested in the health/fitness space, I'm definitely open to other industries. If anyone knows of anyone that is happy at their current company and is looking for a product marketing or advertising leader, please let me know!
  • I'd love to connect with people in Product and Marketing roles. Though I am currently in a Product Marketing role myself, I've never had a marketing leader that I've directly reported into and therefore am not fully confident in the skillset I've developed. I would love to gain insight from those that feel that they have a strong background and are willing to share recommendations on specific skills that should be developed and helpful resources that I can leverage.
  • I really enjoy reading and taking self-directed learning courses. If there are any in particular that you felt really helped in your professional development, please let me know!
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