Hey everyone! My name’s Steven. I’m so excited to meet everyone and to be joining the Propel community. Shout out to @justinrosssnyder for introducing me. This Tuesday marks my one year anniversary at Cognitiv working on business development. Cognitiv is a custom Deep Learning AI solution for marketers to predict consumer purchase behavior and drive scalable outcomes at the most efficient price. My side hustle is working to create a white rum brand. Making some great progress, but still a long way to go. Born, raised, and live in the Jersey shore area.

Looking forward to talking with you all!

Professional Goals

For as long as I can remember my true goal has been to own a successful business. Until that day comes, my professional goal is to reach the C-Suite level of an exciting start up.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

No items found.

Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Food and beverage
Software and data solutions


  • I love talking about innovative new ideas and critically thinking them through - feel free to reach out if you want feedback from an outside perspective
  • I've gone through the process of forming an LLC, submitting a trademark application, and the logo and label design process. If anyone is looking to take the initial few steps of a personal project I'd be happy to talk about my experiences
  • Always open to chat about strategies for SDRs, AEs, and BD people to book meetings with new business prospects


  • I’m looking for anyone who has experience or expertise working with spirits or liquor distribution
  • I am working on building a brand and would love to chat with someone who can help me navigate a space I'm not too familiar with yet
  • Advice on finding an advisor that will work closely with me to help grow my business
  • Finally, as someone who is still new to selling, I'm looking to connect with anyone who can help me continue to develop my B2B sales skills and grow my network
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