Mick de Meijer

Founder, Agency and corporate venture Product, Brand and Growth consultant at Oncept





Hey, fam!  I'm Mick, and I'm pumped to (virtually) meet everyone at some point. -   New Yorker (East Village) for 10 years, but my roots are Dutch, Go Ajax Amsterdam!  - my skills sweet-spot sit at the intersection of Digital Product, Brand, and Growth. Essentially, My focus is to help early-stage DTC ventures get to and beyond Product-Market-Fit, faster. And with 15 years on my belt, I assume I'm somewhat the older dude here.

Currently, I've just surfaced from 4 months of full-time COVID parenthood and looking to join a great startup team again in a product/growth role. Also, I'm a Partner at a European software development Q agency that builds incredible digital products and remote engineering teams for much less. 

Previously, corporate innovation & mobile app growth @360i, 1x (failed) founder of home decor DTC startup Framafoto (ask me why I passed a Sharktank invite), Executive Director @RedAntler, Product Lead at MXM/Meredith (I pushed Victoria's Secret PINK app to millions of downloads, ridiculous DAU/MAU and blazing ecomm $$$), and co-founder of Amsterdam's leading mobile solutions agency MobGen.

Professional Goals

  1. Join Seed+ startup team in a mobile Product role, whilst injecting my 15 years of Brand, Product, and Growth of startup and agency experience. I'm mostly interested in DTC Health & Wellness, Visual Tech, Marketplaces, and social networks.
  2. Move to New Zealand and start an early-stage venture studio.
  3. Drink a weekly Pina Colada with my wife, and see my daughter skateboard and surf.

Experience & Interest

Current Industry

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Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • Ask me anything about startup consumer brand development and first-time founder startup building.


  • Lemme know if you have an intro to join an exciting Seed-stage startup that needs product/brand/growth help. Interest categories: any DTC mobile app, visual tech, mental wellness, or no-code SaaS. I'm not too precious about $ and role, but definitely precious about product, mission, values, and team.
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