hey everyone! :wave: really excited to be joining this community here! I'm an ex-investor and ex-banker, and am now working at a startup called> in Business Operations. We provide passwordless authentication solutions via API/SDKs and are targeting developers today. We're a small team today, but growing quickly!

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Learn from others to help me grow in my current role or function

I want to learn how to scale our teams at Stytch healthily and learn how to be the best operator and leader I can be

Currently Investing in

B2B SaaS
Financial services

Working in

Software and data solutions

Functional Expertise

Business operations

Future Interests



  • I've spent most of my career focusing on enterprise software, specifically devtools and cybersecurity, so I'm always happy to talk shop
  • Anything around fundraising. Happy to be a sounding board for your pitch, give feedback, and make intros if appropriate


  • We're still working on our bottoms-up PLG GTM motion. If anyone has expertise here, I'd love to chat with you
  • We're a fast growing team. I would love guidance on how best to scale a GTM team and manage swimlanes and handoffs
  • New connections! I love meeting new people, and I'm currently based in SF. Happy to do virtual or in-person meetups.
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