Hi All! Super excited to be a part of the propel community and getting to know you all!

I graduated from BU 2 years ago and have been working as a consultant at Deloitte since! I work in the consumer / technology sectors centered around strategy and digital transformation projects. Currently I’m at an inflection point and am looking to move out of consulting to build my own company in the tech / consumer spaces (service, not cpg). I would love to meet folks who are looking to start something and are open to exploring ideas!


  1. Always happy to connect you to anyone in my network or talk all things consulting / client service
  2. Resume review / interview prep help - happy to help share my perspective on your resume and help prepare for behavioral / case interviews
  3. Massive foodie and love cooking - happy to share plant based recipes or restaurant recs. Also love going to speakeasy’s and happy to share my fav ones in nyc!!!
  4. Board games / Badminton - If you enjoy either of these, would love to connect and play!!


  1. Would love to meet folks looking to build a company - brainstorm ideas and find a co-founder!
  2. Would appreciate speaking with founders and learn about their journey building a company! And also connecting with folks who have founded companies on H1B visas!
  3. Also looking to switch jobs and work at a startup - ideally in strategy / operations and business development roles.

Really looking forward to meeting folks and supporting each other! I live around Hell’s Kitchen, so if you’re in NYC and vaccinated, let’s meet up!


Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

I am interested in the consumer platforms/technology space and want to create something revolutionary to transform how people engage with each other. Ultimately I see myself as a CEO of a global company that starts as an entrepreneurial venture. I want to keep learning and developing my knowledge horizons to create value for myself and those around me.

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Food and beverage
Media and entertainment
Social media and content creation
Social impact



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