Hi everyone! Echoing all the sentiments around being super excited to be a part of this community. Purely from the introductions here, it's clear that this is a group of absolute rockstars. Love seeing some familiar faces around here, and look forward to meeting/getting to know the rest of you soon I'm also a native New Yorker and am hunkered down here for the quarantine. I've spent the last 1.5 years at Candid, where I spent my first year building up the Design/Creative Operations function alongside one of the co-founders and recently transitioned into leading marketing program management.

Before Candid, I spent ~3 years living in Philly after joining the Venture for America fellowship program. In Philly, I first worked as the first hire at an early-stage sports tech startup and then led ops at a venture capital firm. Back in high school, I started a non-profit in the disability/accessibility realm.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

They are still evolving! Ultimately, I'd like to be a leader at a mission-driven company that's at the forefront of accessibility/inclusion - whether related to disability, the world of food, health, and/or wellness.

I see myself in the realm of operations, but it's unclear whether that'll be expanding into Biz Ops or continuing to grow on the Design/Creative Ops side.

Currently Investing in

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Future Interests

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'- I am a massive, massive foodie at heart, and will never get bored of talking about anything related to the food industry. Whether it's recipes, cookbooks, chefs to be inspired by, go-to spots in NYC + Philly, food-related TV shows or movies, how to make delicious GF/DF meals, how to cook great food without recipes, etc. While everyone else was watching Nickelodeon as kid, I was somehow watching the Food Network.... - Also, (sorry for cheating!) but my second give is around Design/Creative Ops. I came into my current role knowing absolutely nothing about design, brand, creative - you name it. And now, have helped build out + scale a variety of teams in each of those verticals - happy to chat!


'- Has anyone learned (or attempted to learn) to play an instrument as an adult? I'm thinking about piano or guitar, but would love to chat with someone who's done this about the best way to go about it / how to decide if it's worth the time/$$ investment.
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