Recently moved from London → NYC to build the US office for FLOWBIO so joined this network to meet fellow founders/technology enthusiasts. I’m a 4x founder, previously led growth for Facebook’s enterprise play (Workplace) in the Benelux and a keen triathlete (now going into my 6th season). Together with my co-founder & CTO I cofounded FLOWBIO; a biowearable unlocking the next generation of performance data through sweat (

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Meet great new people

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise


Future Interests

Fitness and wellness


  • Product / Go-to-market strategy whiteboarding.
  • Anything and everything related to endurance sports either as someone looking to get into it and not knowing where to start or for someone more experienced to just chat shop.
  • Fundraising advise. Have now closed 4+ VC rounds so happy to share my experiences and support with yours.


  • Introduce yourself if you are up for exploring the NY State area by bike/run.
  • We are hiring for various roles; main ones being a product design lead. So any good folks you know please DM!
  • Speaking to US VCs passionate about backing the next generation of human performance technology. Current investors include the family office of Skype and Oura + both Athletic Brewing Company founders.
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