I am based out of San Francisco and come to you all with an MBA and roughly 5 years of Project Finance Analyst experience from a couple of different orgs such as the Federal Reserve Bank and Charles Schwab. I am actively transitioning out of the corporate PM/Finance space and exploring areas outside of enterprise companies. One way that is supporting my transition is developing a non-dairy milk tea beverage product traditional from Afghanistan (where I am from ) called Milk Chai. Currently, the product is going through a series of laboratory testing phases and not on the market yet but hopefully soon! So totally new to the CPG industry and would love to connect with seasoned folks who are in it. Also, I did receive my real estate license not too long ago, so have been exploring this industry as well.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Currently Investing in

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Working in

Consumer packaged goods

Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • Share my knowledge and experience in financial modeling & analytics. Experience in SQL Server, Tableau and general data management and dash boarding
  • UX research and design – minimal but would love to share what I know
  • Real Estate advisory
  • Great recommendations for Afghan restaurants across the nation


  • Would love to connect with Founders and CPG industry experts to pick your brain about your journey
  • Actively seeking for part-time/full-time/internships partnership/ entry level roles in CPG start-ups or companies for the purpose of gaining more industry knowledge (even willing to work for free!) 
  • Exploring the VC world so would love to also connect with folks that work at a firm, specifically in the food & beverage industry
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