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Hihellohowrü Propellers! My name is Zach Holmquist based out of beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. I learned to code websites when I was 13 and kept up-skilling into other languages and skillsets. In the heyday of the App Store, I made some rad apps, like “Track 8” and ultimately an app called “EventBoard .” EventBoard randomly took off, and we raised from incredible investors like Mark Benioff, Tony Fadell, Google Ventures, GE Ventures, etc. That capital, along with general enthusiasm, allowed us to scale up over 5 years to become “Teem” and sell the company to WeWork in 2018 for over $115M. That was an incredible experience, until the disastrous attempts to go public, which you can read more about in numerous books and a Hulu documentary and Apple TV+ show. lol. Before the collapse, we got the company re-acquired, and fortunately, I was able to make my exit. Since then, I have been consulting, advising, and investing in all aspects of startup — my true joy is culture/people, product, and engineering. 

Professional Goals

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  • Listening and helping further formulate your ideas and existing work
  • Sharing my experiences as a coder to founder and beyond
  • I love talking about workflows, processes, and productivity — let’s chat email filters and folder structures
  • Talking openly about mental health and validating your feelings when shit gets hard


  • Getting to know more like-minded people and celebrating wins with folks
  • Idea sharing, as I am starting to regain the desire to do my own thing again
  • Sharing process, specifically around business, product, and engineering
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