• From South Carolina and spent my formative years bouncing between Greenville and Charleston.
  • My career began as a stock broker for Vanguard. I learned very quickly that traditional finance is not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life...
  • On the side, I built a meal delivery service and grew it to $400k yearly revenue. I leveraged that to get my first job in tech at an e-commerce company called Blue Acorn (acquired).
  • Taught myself to program to create rcmmd and moved out to San Francisco sold on the startup dream.
  • Since then I've worked in e-commerce in various product/head of product roles for Puori (acquired), Scalefast (acquired), and Versus Systems (ipo).
  • Although rcmmd failed, it led me to my co-founder through a serendipitous meeting at a YC event. We're growing Deft together.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Grow my business

Currently Investing in

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Working in


Functional Expertise

Product management

Future Interests

Crypto and Web3


  • Running highly effective creative workshops (both in-person and remote)
  • Fundraising and the mechanics of party rounds (we closed our seed round in Nov)
  • Rapid prototyping strategies
  • The learning journey to MVP (minimum viable programming for non-technical founders)
  • How to pick yourself up after failing
  • Fitness/Dieting/Health.
  • My extensive gif collection


  • Connections at DTC e-commerce companies.
  • Computer Vision experts
  • Growth consultants/experts
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