You’re building the next big thing. Propel has your back.

Join an intimate community of early stage founders making an impact through their work. Find connection, gain accountability, and accelerate your learning as a member of Propel.

Propel is not accepting new applications at this time. Please check back soon for new updates on the community.

Propel is designed around authentic connection.

We've normalized asking for help. This is a community where both you and your ideas have space to grow.

Build with others

  • Lively Slack with 250+ early stage founders and operators
  • Curated 1-to-1 member matching
  • Evergreen portal with details on members’ startups and goals

Collaborate intentionally

  • Cohort-based sessions to build deeper relationships with peers
  • In-person gatherings across city hubs – NYC, LA, SF, Austin, & more
  • Job board and talent pool

Expand your impact

  • Peer mentorship from founders, operators, VCs, and coaches
  • Virtual AMAs and pitch sessions
  • Knowledge hub with resources shared by the community

Who we are

We’re a group of 250+ current and future founders in tech and consumer.

Whether you're building an MVP, or setting off to fundraise, you’ll learn from the experiences of peers across functions and products.

Members are building companies like:

And currently operating at companies like:

The Propel team

We have a small yet mighty team behind the scenes running Propel. As a member, you’ll interact the most frequently with the community leaders:

Tom Guthrie, Cofounder
Mariel Rosic, Growth & Member Experience
Esmé Ara'resa, Operations

Emily Pik and Esmé Ara’resa - Community Managers of Propel

A founder's journey is rarely linear.

We're here for you before, during, and after you're ready to build.

1. Dream of building something impactful

Discover your interests and identify problems in our ideation sessions. Surround yourself with peers that have an entrepreneurial mindset — think of them as your own personal advisory board.

Attend a coaching workshop or event with founders that pivoted, like Jane — Co-founder of Frankly and ex-Uber.

"Propel has been such an amazing experience from Day 1. Being surrounded by world class people with shared momentum is nothing short of magical. Normally surrounding yourself with this wealth of knowledge and experience takes years and Propel helped me get a head start in just a few months."

Nik Huebecker
Co-founder, Quinn

2. Prepare to take the leap

When you're a first-time founder, there's a lot to learn about starting a business. Our supportive group helps you find your future co-founder, test your solution, and form a company.

Join a discussion on finding technical co-founders with Paul, Tiffany, and Jared — founders and Propel members.

"When I joined Propel, I was in between jobs and had been deciding whether to pursue a new role or a venture of my own. During each Propel learning track, I gained a greater sense of clarity regarding my career direction: to ultimately double down and build something of my own."

Katie Foos
Co-founder, Stealth

3. Launch your MVP

We'll celebrate the launch of your startup — and help you maintain momentum! Ask for introductions to advisors, customers, and consultants. If you're exploring financing opportunities, find investors or learn how to best bootstrap.

Attend a roundtable on accelerators, meet angels, or pitch at an "Idea Propeller" session to investors.

“Propel was hugely beneficial for me from the earliest stages of starting a company. When I was just getting started it provided a supportive community of entrepreneurs to build alongside. Then when we raised our first round of funding, it was through Propel that I got connected to two of our first investors.

Matthew Busel
Co-founder, Whalesync

4. Iterate to deepen your impact

Navigate the challenges of startup growth with guidance from founders who are one step ahead of you. Ask technical questions, recruit great talent, and receive pointers to be the best leader you can be.

Learn hiring and culture best practices from leaders like Sarah — Head of People at Orum.

“Working from home and then taking the leap to start a new business can feel really lonely. Propel has been this amazing community of people who keep me feeling encouraged, inspired, and engaged every day. Propel pushed me to effectively launch my Kickstarter.”

Michael Fisher
Founder, Rotten

5. Grow and find product market fit

Increase your revenue by creating or updating your business strategy. We're here to help you onboard functional experts and build a company culture that will welcome future employees and customers for years to come.

Attend a strategic planning, product development, or growth session with advisors like Maxine, Keren, or Eric.

"Propel has surrounded me with bright, ambitious professionals with whom I can openly share ideas. The introductions to people have been important in getting advice on growing our business; members have a 'how can I help' attitude, and that generosity is hard to find anywhere."

Scott Konopasek
Co-founder, Mint Measure

Ready to apply?

We're a private community welcoming new members who meet the following criteria:

  • You identify as a high-performing operator or leader
  • You have intentions to build a company or learn from founders
  • You're building in tech or consumer or you run a services business (e.g. consulting) for startups
  • You’re ready to participate in our active community

What our members say

"Everyone is eager to help and share their knowledge."

Leyna Chiang

Operations, DOOMSDAY X

“It gives me such energy to see everyone moving forward in Propel.”

Sara Romano

Founder, Just Parent

“Propel is hands down the best community experience I’ve had.

Michelle T.

Founder & CEO, Homiah

“Propel allows me to take a breath and appreciate the progress I’ve made.

Janet Lee

Business Development & Operations, Stealth

"After attending business school for 2 years, I can arguably say I’ve received more tangible network value from Propel than a top MBA program."

Justin Snyder

Business Development,

As potential founders, we need a solid network of people to connect with whether for help, feedback, or inspiration. Propel is that.”

Abe Anwar

Founder & CEO, Superspace

“I’m certain you will see the next generation of startups, operators, and investors emerge from this community.”

Ryan Baker

Chief of Staff, CINC Systems

“The energy is high in the group and it's a community that doesn't feel sales-y — this is important to me!”

Christina Perla

Co-founder & CEO, Makelab

“The other day I got on the phone with another Propel member and it felt like we had known each other for ages.

Daniel Ortiz

Operations, Premier Lacrosse League

"I appreciate how you gain perspective from people at all different phases of building."

Jeff Barg

Co-founder & CTO, Avenue

“Propel is more than a networking opportunity; it’s a thoughtful community of operators and founders who cheer each other on.”

Malkie Rothman

Operations, H1

"As I've transitioned into a new operating role, it's been great to have such a knowledgable and friendly community to refer to whenever I have a question."

Dennis Huang

Business Operations, Stytch

"Since joining, I’ve met fascinating people, been given great advice, and made a major shift in my career into climate tech.”

Curtis Kline

Chief of Staff, Frost Methane Labs

“I am so grateful for being a part of this welcoming and engaging community."

Karishma Shah

Program Management, Facebook

“The Propel community has impressed me from day one. It's filled with people who are an impressive blend of ambitious, thoughtful, and friendly.

Sophie Kaye

Chief of Staff,

“People opt into the community by choice and the results are magic: a network of startup professionals eager to connect, share, learn, and grow.”

Elliott Fisher

Chief of Staff, Ntropy

“As I look to one day launch a venture, Propel is a community that will help me continue to build.

Cassie Coash

MBA Candidate, Stanford GSB

“Everyone I’ve met is driven and working on interesting things, both full-time and as side projects.”

Mike Maseda

Chief of Staff, Reside Health

Have any questions?

Who is Propel for?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

Propel is a community for dedicated and passionate founders in the early stages of building the next big thing who are looking for a tactical and supportive community

Who are Propel’s members today?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

Right now, our members have a range (2-30 years!) of work experience and come from a mix of backgrounds — e-commerce, SaaS, climate, crypto, health tech, fintech, and more.

That said, we’re focused on building a diverse community, so if the above doesn’t quite describe you, worry not — we’re always looking for new members with different backgrounds!

What does the first month as a Propel member look like?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

Engaging in conversation in the community and asking for help are the best ways to see value from the community quickly and frequently. Specifically:

  • Meet with a curated list of peers based on your goals and interests
  • Receive invites to our rotation of founder AMAs, skill-based bootcamps, pitch events, and sessions with our leadership coaches
  • And, depending where you’re located, come to an in person social for you to bring these online relationships offline

Are you an accelerator or studio?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

We’re not. If you’re interested in applying to an accelerator or studio while you're a member of Propel, we’ll provide you with vetted information and contacts as you navigate that process.

I’d love to get more information about the Propel community. How can I do that?

Chief of Staff Medium Blogs Link

Thanks for your interest! Please email and we will help you out!

Interested in joining?

We're a private community welcoming new members who meet the following criteria:

  • You identify as a high-performing operator or leader
  • You have intentions to build a company or learn from founders
  • You're building in tech or consumer or you run a services business (e.g. consulting) for startups
  • You’re ready to participate in our active community

Access to the Propel community is $50/mo or $600 annually.