Arielle Shnaidman is an executive coach for founders and leaders. She's a neurolinguistic programming master practitioner and an expert in startups and marketing, working and consulting for top B2B SaaS and blockchain startups. Her coaching practice is centered on helping high-performers create the company, career, and life they truly want.

Functional Expertise

Product marketing


Professional development


  • Coaching executives to create enormous value for themselves and their teams by breaking patterns, ways of thinking, and assumptions that get in the way of reaching their full potential
  • Helping founders and leaders communicate powerfully and sway those they seek to influence
  • Product marketing for startups

Key Accomplishments

  • Co-founding a social media startup in 2015 (that failed!)
  • Creating messaging, positioning, and storytelling for top B2B SaaS and blockchain startups to catalyze growth
  • Coaching founders and leaders coming from Google, Square, IDEO, Goldman Sachs, Segment, Mailchimp, and Amazon who are building products, fundraising, and navigating critical thresholds in their companies.
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