BEst threads from the Propel SLack

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Shubham Chandra
Hey does anyone have experiencing using a “recruiter in a box” platform like or Topfunnel? We’re evaluating options and I’d love to back door reference check either of them
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Joey Yagoda
Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced account and a lawyer with startup experience who could do taxes / advice for a newly created LLC? Could use some guidance but since things are in early phases, don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.
Christian Jeon
Anyone know of or recently change business addresses that had an LLC in one state and moved to another? Wondering if dissolving the current LLC in the old state while creating a new one in the new state is the best of legal changes (or if there are any suggestions/experience in doing something else). Thanks!
Alex Lurie
Hi all. Does anyone have market compensation data on big tech, venture backed startups, or PE/VC firms? Would really appreciate info anyone might have. Please DM me and I’ll provide additional details. Thank you!!
Pranav Maganti
Hi Propel! One of our portfolio companies is exploring whether to add a fractional CFO with a CPG background. Does anyone have experience with fractional CFOs? If so, would love any recommendations / resources. Thanks!
Steph Valibus
Does anyone have resources on calculating freelancing rates or benchmarking hourly rates for operations consulting? I'm pitching to a new client and I'm always feel like I'm throwing numbers blind. This one is a multi-month contract position rather than my usual project basis, so I'm particularly stumped. Happy to share more details.
Madi Jacox
Might someone have any insight into the high-level benefits or risks of a PEO vs. non-PEO for administering benefits and running payroll, etc.?

I read some great, earlier threads advocating for the likes of Gusto, Rippling, and Justworks – but I'm getting hung up on the technicalities, and really fear of getting stuck, outgrowing, or being limited by one or the other ("small group benefits," "big company benefits," "co-employment" 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️).

We don't yet have the 5 required employees for PEOs (Justworks, Rippling, Trinet) but some of these platforms offer the ability to join and pay for paltry benefits UNTIL hitting the magic number, and then you can join their PEO.

Gusto, on the other hand, is not a PEO – and rolled out the red carpet for access to top-tier benefits right away. Is there a catch?

Consensus seems to be Gusto for small businesses, Rippling for mid-size and scaling. Am I missing something more nuanced?!

Big, huge thanks! 🤠:stethoscope:

P.S. Is there any argument to waiting a month or two until we have 5 to get the very best of the best, if that even exists?
Jill Czarnik
@emilykpik - highly recommend Woebot too! I like it even better than both above. My friend was just hired there to monetize their offering with the enterprise. For now, it's free! (Find the app on your app store)
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Jill Czarnik
@emilykpik - highly recommend Woebot too! I like it even better than both above. My friend was just hired there to monetize their offering with enterprise. For now, it's free! (Find the app on your app store)
Sophie Kaye
Hi! Has anyone done a company-wide remote bonding event recently that was well received and fun? In the absence of being able to do something like an in-person field day or other activity, wanted to get ideas from this group!

Company is ~ 260 employees now.
Esmé Ara’resa
@channel Hello Propellers! Here to share some exciting news with you all. As business ramps back up now that it’s September, we want to support you to do your best work. That's why...

🎉 We are continuing our collaboration with WeWork to bring you 2 more months of discounted workspace! 🎉

In case you missed our email, I’ll summarize the details for you here!

🏢 What?
Get 50% off WeWork On Demand day passes for workspace and conference room bookings through October 31st. For Propel members only. 

Use code: PROPEL50
Download the WeWork On Demand app to be able to reserve a day pass for $14.50 USD plus applicable tax per day or use their hourly conference room offering (screenshots below)

🤔 Why?
Because like @dylangans22, you’ll probably love it! It’s always nice to switch up your working environment and meet new people. Plus, this perk is available at WeWork locations across the US meaning you can count on a desk as you travel this Fall. Redeem it as many times as you need.

Get the full details in this email. Ping me any questions or feedback you have!
Dennis Huang
Has anyone here ever used Stack Overflow for marketing / devrel purposes? I know the community is allergic to self-promotion, but I've heard anecdotally of companies who have been able to successfully leverage Stack Overflow. However, for the life of me, I can't find any info on line on how to strategically use Stack Overflow for this purpose. Any help here would be much appreciated!
Caroline Frishman
morning all! has anyone used a recruiting/sourcing company that embeds recruiters in your team? an ex company that ive heard of is peoplepath but am wondering if anyone else has recs/ideas. thanks!
Morgan Cooper
Hi all, happy Friday! I work at a 5-person startup (3 of us our full time and the other 2 part time). We're looking into outsourcing or contracting out our payroll, benefits, and HR. Has anyone been in a similar situation or worked with individuals or platforms that would be open to speaking with me?
Daniella Castellanos
Does anyone use WhenIwork to track contractors? If not, what are some tools you have used to track contractors time in/out and availability? We are currently using an excel sheet so anything is better than that 🙃 - TIA!
Sophia Wronsky
Has anyone used a pricing consultant or run a pricing experiment (not on the website)? I'm looking to learn more about best practices and engage a potential partner!
Ben Pulver
Does anyone have experience with either or both of Rippling and Justworks (both for their normal + PEO service). We are considering switching from a very non-techy PEO and we have demos setup with both of these so far, so wanted to know if anyone has specific experiences (feel free to DM or if not sensitive just thread here). I'll also have some input after these couple of demo's so if anyone else is in this process, let me know and we can chat.
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Michael Fisher
Does anyone know of a good tool to use to caption videos and create SRT file exports that I can upload with the video for FB ads? I tried a couple from google searches and got hit with paywalls
Elliott Fisher
Has anyone acquired an existing small business before? I'm curious about how to identify red flags pre-aquisition, as well as evaluate asking price.
Curtis Kline
Does anyone have a recommendation for a modern internal ticketing system? This is not for software eng projects and not for e-commerce customer service. Just for internal support tickets in an org with about 50 people total. Bonus points if it integrates with Slack, does not have all the features in the world, and is really easy to use.
Michael Fisher
Hi friends!! I’m launching a new DTC brand and need to start the website build very shortly. Two questions for all of you:
• I want to be on Shopify, but would you build headless Shopify or traditional? I’m leaning towards headless for a couple reasons but I would love to chat with anyone who has an opinion / experience with native site builds!
• Do you have any freelance / small agency design + developer recommendations for me? Website style would be along the lines of OffLimits, Nuggs, Ruby
Dennis Huang
Hi all, do ppl have any strong opinions on data warehouse/lake/lakehouse vendors? We're using AWS RDS today, but are just beginning to look into more advanced options. Redshift is kind of the obvious upgrade given we're in AWS today, but I have heard that it can be more difficult to maintain than a Snowflake. Other vendors, opinions, suggestions or just things to be mindful of as we look into vendors would be appreciated!
Curtis Kline
Does anyone have a recommendation for a contract dev shop (or talented freelancer) that could take some mockups and build pages for them? They will need to integrate into an existing javascript-based site that uses Angular.
Sophie Kaye
Hi! Wondering if anyone has had success creating better cross-functional communication channels within a company as you scale? For example, looking to get better visibility/comms between front end + backend eng, between marketing + rest of company, etc.
Joey Yagoda
Is anyone else interested in blockchain and live experiences? 
I’m considering starting a Museum of Cryptocurrency in NYC. It would have:
-A history of crypto
-Photo opportunities a la The Museum of Ice Cream (imagine a massive wall with the value of all the top crypto currencies that live updates)
-An NFT gallery

We’d be monetized through:
-Ticket sales
-NFT sales
-Corporate sponsors (huge opportunity for a Venmo, Square, or PayPal trying to get more folks to use their crypto product)

Would love to chat if someone has any thoughts on this kind of project or could be interested in collaborating.