Hi Everyone! Super excited to be joining Propel as an advisor on all things product strategy

About me: I’m a LinkedIn Principal PM, angel investor, and startup adviser. I’m currently working at the intersection of B2B advertising and consumer product, with deep expertise in consumer tech, growth, and data/experimentation. I would love to meet you and hear about how I can help unlock momentum. For an incomplete list of things I can help with, see below. If you think of something else, let’s try it!

On a personal note, I’m currently based in SF, but originally from New Jersey so full of east coast flair. In my playtime, I like to break out improv cello with friends who have largely incompatible instruments, dance around to old funk records, and make friends with California’s beautiful trees.

Functional Expertise

Product management
Product marketing




  • Being able to get to the meat quickly, and unblock founders and PMs at lightning speed
  • When advising founders, always looking for the deeper questions behind the questions to drive towards an exact next step, whether with fundraising, product-market fit or scaling
  • Pitch practice and pitch deck feedback
  • Idea refinement
  • Fundraising
  • Incubator interview prep
  • Core and growth product strategy
  • Business/Product principles
  • Product requirements
  • Hiring and interviewing
  • Prioritization/decision making with engineering
  • Product roadmaps
  • Experiment design/prioritization
  • UX design decisions (shortcuts from having run hundreds of experiments across multiple products)
  • Team culture and mentoring
  • Technical trade-offs
  • Leadership development
  • Creating and leveraging your network

Key Accomplishments

  • Driving significant revenue and CTR for LinkedIn as head of Feed Revenue through rapid experimentation on our B2B ads product
  • Leading the redesign of LinkedIn's logged out consumer ecosystem to be both SEO-friendly as well as welcoming to new members
  • Scaling LinkedIn's consumer salary data platform, surpassing competitors, to help job seekers have the information they need to make good decisions about their careers
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