Mike is the Head of Sales at a med tech startup called Candid. He's also a sales and leadership consultant, an executive coach, and runs 3-5 day intensive leadership retreats for technology founders through Techstars.

His background before sales was in clinical psychology, where he led therapy groups in various settings. This all means that he's run a lot of workshops, trainings, and group sessions and will be sharing with you the strategies that he's learned along the way.

Functional Expertise





  • Fundraising
  • Teaching the foundational and technical skills of sales and influence to help founders gain access to capital
  • Coaching in leadership, sales, wellness, self-discovery
  • Personal mastery with the aim of helping business leaders transform their results

Key Accomplishments

  • Coaching and growing the team at Candid from 5 to 500 people with 26 retail locations
  • Growing revenue from thousands to millions
  • Acquiring thousands of patients, building and de-centralizing the sales team
  • Helping stand up early-stage startups' inside-sales organizations
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