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Functional Expertise





  • Helping early stage marketplaces (Pre-seed → Series A) design, structure, and build lean customer success organizations (people, process, and technology)
  • Building customer onboarding processes that quickly drive adoption
  • Creating and executing land and expand strategies/processes

Key Accomplishments

  • Increased upsells from 22% to 57% by launching expansion strategies, corresponding to an addition of 500k new homes to the platform (Rhino, 2020)
  • Improved MRR retention from 35% to 88% by building churn remediation playbooks and negative experience strategies (Wonder, 2019)
  • Decreased client’s onboarding time from 64 to 18 days by revamping onboarding processes and improving initial experiences, which doubled team’s capacity (Rhino, 2020)
  • Grew monthly subscriptions from <750/month to 5,200+/month by building scalable client engagement techniques, which helped increase ARR from $3.2M → $24M (Rhino, 2020)
  • Realized ARR growth from $400k to $7M by launching the Consulting client vertical in North America, which became the largest and most profitable at the time. (Third Bridge, 2014-16)
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