Hey all- love seeing everyone's intros and very interesting lives haha

I was head-of-growth and then CoS @ Bombfell for 5 years. Last July, I founded Sanzo, the first Asian-inspired sparkling water. I'm NYC-based.

My give: - I've got now 6+ years of startup experience (mostly early stage) and think this must qualify me as the "old guard" haha. In all seriousness, over the last year, I've regularly held "founders' therapy" sessions with other founders (mostly BIPOC since we have the least amount of resources) where we just talk about what's going well, what's not, what investors to stay away from, etc. If you're a founder, please make sure you're finding a network (Propel is a good start) to help. The mental health aspects of starting a biz are real, and we need the next gen. of founders to better demystify and deglamorize the life.

My ask: - I just finished my seed round and am looking to engage in conversations with retailers both on and offline. Some high-value targets: Target, Walmart, FreshDirect, Thrive Market, HEB, Walgreens, CVS.

Fun fact(s): I'm unhealthily excited the NBA returns tonight

Functional Expertise



Food and beverage


  • Ability to synthesize a lot of different things within a startup
  • Paid marketing
  • Setting up and evaluating contracts

Key Accomplishments

  • Launched Sanzo @ Whole Foods
  • Bootstrapped Sanzo in an industry (beverage) that is typically very difficult to bootstrap
  • Raised a $1.3mm seed round (>90% of the money was raised during the pandemic)
  • Moved to a new manufacturing facility with improved production capabilities in Summer 2020
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