Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Stoked to be a part of this group and having known Scott Amenta for years, big fan of everything he touches. This already looks like a powerhouse group of good humans so can’t wait to see what this community becomes!

I was most recently Co-Founder & CMO/Head of Product at Token, a wearable ring & identity company. Prior to that, I spent 7 years running innovation at Michael Kors under the CEO & CMO, launching our smartwatch in partnership with Google to an opening $200m rev, leading our product management team (consumer and associate apps), and driving corporate strategy (including partnerships, board updates, investor updates, M&A and global digital expansion). Over the past few months, I’ve been focused on being a good board member, advisor and strategic consultant for some top brands & VC-incubated start-ups here in NYC supporting on product, growth & marketing as I figure out what to work on next! Cheers and hope everyone is staying safe and sane!

My Give: - happy to chat start-up ideas, brainstorm, and connect with investors, advisors, talent, and more. Have a deep pipeline that I send deal flow, candidates, partnerships, etc. and love bringing people together. Let me know how I can help

My Ask: 1. Books that changed your life, 2. Favorite Fitness Apps for at home work outs, or 3. Connections to the best hardware focused industrial design shops or incubators in the US (as I think about what’s next!)

Fun Facts: I’m a triplet (not one of a kind), learned Mandarin interning at Apple in China in 2009, and threw 90sFest here in Brooklyn in 2015/2016, a music festival hosted by Pauly Shore, sponsored by Nickelodeon (#slime), with performances by Salt n Pepa, Smashmouth, Sister Hazel, Coolio, Naughty by Nature, Sisqo, Sugar Ray, and more! Want to bring it back one day!

Functional Expertise

Product marketing




  • Fundraising
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Growth & Digital Marketing
  • Product & Engineering Optimization
  • App & E-commerce
  • UX & E-commerce
  • Consumer Research

Key Accomplishments

  • Launching the Michael Kors Access Smartwatch (with Google) to be the #2 selling smartwatch behind Apple and driving over $300M in revenue
  • Led Corp Innovation at Michael Kors for over 7 years
  • Forbes 30 u 30 for Marketing
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