Hi everyone! I'm Karen. I'm a Life & Wellness Coach, and am super passionate about helping people live their most fulfilling lives. I'm also a writer and Pilates Instructor, and all around health enthusiast.

Currently based in San Francisco, but a Canadian through and through

Give: I'd love to offer tips about establishing wellness practices, cultivating mindfulness, or (my current obsession) how self-compassion can be our greatest tool in creating the changes we want in our lives and in the world.

Ask: I love to geek out on morning routine and tips for managing attention in this highly distracting world. If anyone has some good tricks up their sleeve, I'd love to collect a few more!

Fun Fact: I'm a surfer, and am super passionate about getting women and girls active outdoors. I got super steamed one day when I saw Billabong using super sexist imagery on their homepage.

So, I wrote a post about it. Next thing I knew, it had been viewed over half a million times, Billabong had changed their website, and the message was being shared by some of my female athlete heroes. Such a powerful lesson in speaking your truth, because you just never know who might be listening!

Functional Expertise

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Fitness and wellness


Key Accomplishments

  • Coaching 25+ amazing women over the last 3 years and championing them as they wrote books, started businesses, got promoted, changed careers and generally did incredible things
  • Starting an international conversation about sexism in sports marketing and working with brands to change their representations of women in sport
  • Founding a Writer’s Night for fellow creatives in San Francisco and creating powerful work together
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