Sophie Purdom here, currently on a quarantine escape from the NYC madness and marveling at spring in Rhode Island

Quick facts below, reach out if anything seems curious!

Currently consulting for startups, banks, corporates on sustainability & expansion strategies while writing weekly Climate Tech VC newsletter.

Prior, launched an ESG fund, wrote a book (Revolutions in Sustainable Investing), and co-founded a sustainable agriculture company, Kula Bio, making nitrogen fertilizer using microbes.

orever Bain & Co. recovering management consultant - happy to share the thought process of transitioning from consulting to startups (and back again as my own boss!) I got here on the backs of many, many generous mentors and love paying it back (forward?!) 

Fun fact: I'm a huge dog person (raised service dogs), bonus points for trading dog pics

Currently obsessed with the carbon capture and the offset market (observation: seem essential, yet underserved?) I'm in the early innings of setting up a carbon offset fund to invest in nascent climate technologies. If you have any experience in that world, shoot me a note!

Functional Expertise





  • Ability to pivot quickly with clients and pick up internal corporate structures and cultures
  • Thought partnership
  • Agency with empathy

Key Accomplishments

  • Launching an entity to acquire and operate technology companies that produce carbon offsets
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