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How to be your own growth marketer

February 25, 2021

At Propel, we host events spotlighting leaders and founders. We share their most candid and relevant learnings on the blog.

Hailey is the Co-Founder at, the largest growth marketing blog on the internet. She built it into a 6-figure passive income business in 18 months with SEO alone (without spending a dollar on ads). She recently launched an SEO tool called GrowthBar to help others do the same. Hailey leads and advises growth at venture-backed startups in San Francisco and around the world, generating millions in revenue.

On defining an audience

That's the foundation of the business. You have to know who you're selling to.

On interviewing customers before writing ad copy

Getting on the phone with even just one or two people can be huge for unlocking what language they use and what marketing is actually going to work.

On testing personas

Start talking to different personas and telling them about your product. The thing you want to figure out is if they'll pay for it. Interviewing is the best way. Once you think you've figured out your personas, create a specific landing page for them and start running ads pushing them toward that page. Even if your product isn't ready for purchase yet, it's a great way to answer, "Can we get people to actually pay for this product?"

On AB testing campaigns

I don't AB test that much in the beginning. I think it gets in the way of momentum. Just get started trying different things. Once you've found some success with an ad, that's a great time to AB test. Like, "Okay, this thing works, can we tweak it to be even better?" That's when it's super valuable to use Google Optimize, or Optimizely.

Choosing SEO keywords

Work with keywords that have at least 1,000 searches a month. If no one is organically searching your keywords, it's not going to work.

One quick idea

Record Zoom testimonials of people using your product. Video testimonials can be so powerful.

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