I’m Chap and I’m currently based out of Hudson Yards, NYC. I’m a bay area native and been bouncing between SF, Chicago, and NYC.I’m a founding engineer at Para - we’re building a platform to help drivers make more money! We provide driver tooling and connect drivers with new earning opportunities.

Professional Goals

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'- happy to listen and chat and go on deep dives - fun stuff - fintech(lending), ecommerce, gig economy, software development - equally fun stuff - couch-potato-to-marathon, points churning, bouldering, passion projects - beta user/early adopter feedback (we also use a lot of startup tech!) - intros to VCs, engineers, community


'- if your company has a need for drivers, DM me! - if you’re based in NYC, let’s grab a coffee! (also gladly taking food recs) - advice on early stage community building and culture
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