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Hey everyone  - Really exited to join the Propel community! About me: - Based in NYC - Head of Biz Ops at Causal - Started my career in private equity and moved to the much more exciting world of start-ups about 2 years ago 

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

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Financial services
B2B SaaS

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Future Interests

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  • I have a wide variety of financial modeling experience across various stages and types of businesses (Causal’s primary use case today is financial modeling so I spend a lot of my days helping seed to Pre-IPO companies build models)
  • We are a Series A company with a US entity and UK entity and Founders in London. Happy to chat about anything related to multi-entity start-ups across different countries
  • A lot of the back-office activities at early-stage start-ups don’t need to be re-invented. Always open to sharing notes on what we have done / learned.


  • Customer success and/or customer support at a B2B SaaS product
  • Looking to connect with other people in Biz Ops or similar roles
  • Meet new people in NYC
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