Hi folks! :wave: So glad to be here!

I’m Christina, one of the cofounders of Causal (>). Causal helps teams that build software understand and optimize their products. Previously ran product at Circle and led product for the machine learning team TripAdvisor. A very long time ago, I did national security work.

Fun stuff: Born in Pennsylvania, have lived in Boston for the last 10 years. My hometown is the home of the Little League World Series. :baseball: :tada:

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Currently Investing in

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Working in

B2B SaaS

Functional Expertise

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Future Interests

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  • Happy to talk any all things product management (hiring, team structure, feedback on your product, brainstorming on solving product issues you have, etc.)
  • Equally happy to talk data science/ML with anyone - I don’t make the models, but I can help you think through where/how ML might be helpful in solving a problem


  • Would love to meet other B2B SaaS founders!
  • We think Causal is a good fit for what early stage CTOs need (a hypothesis we’re trying to test) and so we’d love to meet more of them for customer research
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