Hi! I’m the Community Manager here at Propel. Based in the UK, I live in London and spend some weekends exploring Europe or visiting home – the UAE.

Building community has always been embedded into my work. I joined the Propel team in summer 2021 to go deeper in this space. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I spent the previous 8 years founding apparel, consumer, and wellness businesses.

Now as an operator I’m supporting Propellers to maximise the value you find and create within the community. Chat to me about events you want to see, stories you want to write, wins you want to celebrate, opportunities you want to explore, anything! I’m here to help.

Fun fact: I know 8 languages (though I only use 3-4 of them day to day).

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
  1. Build depth as an operator and become more 'T' shaped
  2. Grow my network in the USA and Community space

Currently Investing in

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Working in

Professional development

Functional Expertise


Future Interests



  • Sharing my experience of running a startup in the early stages; and of starting, selling, and leaving small businesses and startups.
  • Being your European contact for angels, VCs and talent this side of the pond!


  • Conversations with entrepreneurs who have pivoted into operating/ people who have portfolio careers
  • Peer mentoring from Community and Product people
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