My name is John Elam, I'm the technical co-founder of an Industrial B2B SaaS startup in Austin. I've been in Austin for about 8 years, but frequent Denver, SLC, and NYC and would love to meet you.

I'd like to meet people that are working on product or service businesses; I'm personally interested in renewables, distributed systems, transportation, and international travel.


Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 
Meet great new people
  1. I'd like to test my hypothesis that will ultimately result in a service business or another direction
  2. I'd like to meet 5 Series A or B founders, and 5 bootstrapped founders at $1MM+ ARR.

Currently Investing in

Consumer SaaS
Financial services

Working in


Functional Expertise

Chief of Staff
Product operations

Future Interests

Consumer SaaS


  • I've built a couple of prototypes/MVPs that have been responsible for $3MM+ in capital raised, happy to share how I think about making a complex thing simpler.
  • I've hired 15 people, some in the US, some remote freelancers, I can filter technical talent quickly.
  • I can share advice on how to structure early stage company cap tables, employee offers, co-founder offers - I've done all of the above for a couple of venture backed companies.


  • If your business has a lot of manual process (spreadsheets, databases, email, data cleaning, integrations, etc.), can I ask you questions about it for 30 minutes? I'm testing a hypothesis I have, and would like to meet more people working on interesting problems with a lot of repetitive work.
  • If you have friends that are excellent designers or software engineers, can you introduce me to the top 1 or 2? I'm interviewing people that excel in tech to understand what has propelled their growth. Happy to share findings.
  • If you are in Austin, NYC, or work in renewables, SaaS software, or have a sales background, I'd like to meet:)
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