Hi All,

Very excited to join Propel! I just started a new job last week and joined Emily, Tom, and Scott at Sylva as the Director of M&A. I will be leading our efforts to grow our portfolio of online communities through acquisitions. Prior to Sylva, I spent 4 years at CPP Investments where I helped lead late-stage venture capital and growth equity deals in SaaS, eCommerce, logistics, and autotech. I started my career with stints in investment banking and traditional private equity.

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Meeting interesting people

Currently Investing in

No items found.

Working in

Social media and content creation

Functional Expertise

Corporate development

Future Interests

Social media and content creation


  • Happy to chat about my investing experience. I’ve worked on deals across a variety of sectors and stages and am happy to chat about the investing process, exchange industry notes, or provide advice for folks pursuing a career in finance. Some of the companies I invested in include Snowflake, Uber, Waymo, ChargePoint, Netskope, Fabric, Lulu’s Fashion Lounge


  • I’d love to meet folks in similar corporate development, M&A, or corporate strategy roles
  • This is my first startup role so getting advice about how best to position myself for success
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