Hi Propellers! I’m Zim-- I’m a 2x founder and expert generalist (if there is such a thing?🤷‍♂️). I’ve led small teams in growth marketing, product, biz dev, and I’m currently working my first-ever software eng job! Now shifting toward something like a venture studio for fringe industries/fields :space_invader:Gives:- Startup horror stories- Bad advice- Intros if I got em (SF/NY/STL) -- feel free to a note on LI>

Fun:• Just finished this podcast on an exciting, new Theory of Everything applying a computational model for the universe. Lot’s of exploding 🤯🤯 in this one! Quantum x general relativity, complexity; consciousness, “things” don’t exist… had trouble understanding all of it but still SO worth it!

Professional Goals

#1 Goal: 

Unicorn status without VC

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  • Intros to folks in class action / mass tort/litigation funding space
  • Intros to high EQ, mission-oriented tech leads or operators
  • Esoterica -- BCIs, quantum computing applications, graphene applications, etc. -- if you gots the knowledge, I wanna know, please 🙏🤓
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