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First off, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey!

Propel was founded on the belief that personal growth doesn't happen alone. We're building the place for the best operators to connect, learn, and accelerate their paths to build.

Today’s career paths are nonlinear and uncertain, but we believe that opportunity lives in that uncertainty. We've learned that the community that you build around you can determine the progress you make; the colleagues, mentors, and coaches you meet along the way truly make a difference. 

We're excited you've joined this community and look forward to helping you achieve your highest potential.

- Emily, Scott, and Tom

Second, subscribe to a Propel membership

We offer a monthly and annual membership. Subscribe below as your final step!

We've built Propel around our three pillars: network, accountability, and learning. You can get access to all of the Propel offerings by subscribing to a monthly or yearly Propel membership. We also know you may try to expense your membership through work. A handful of members have had success with this payment approach, so to help you have this conversation we put together a document to share with your manager or HR team as a reference: 1-pager for Company Reimbursement

Lastly, check out our comprehensive member platform: the Propel Portal!

The foundation supporting the three Propel pillars is a feeling of belonging that we’ve tried to foster from the very beginning. Today, the couple of hundred members in Propel create that sense of belonging by supporting each other, and in return, we've built the Propel Portal to help you find the kind of support you want.

For example:

  • An operator trying to excel and rise in their organization looks to connect with other operators navigating similar challenges and development goals
  • A builder that recently started a side hustle looks to connect with someone who took the leap to start something from scratch
  • An entrepreneur preoccupied with finding product market fit or acing their fundraising process wants to connect with individuals also working through these phases of growth

While each of you has different goals, the common thread is that you want to build and be the best leaders you can be. That means something different for each of you, and the skills and experiences that you bring to the community are all different, too. Both the similarities and the differences make our community stronger. We want each of you to see a path forward for them and find their people through the Propel Portal as the community continues to evolve. 

Finally, there's a demo below to provide you with insight on what you'll have access to! We're excited for you to check the Propel Portal out. Please share feedback with us.


  • 1:10 - Why we built the portal
  • 2:45 - The Member Directory with examples of searching based on intro’s, titles, gives, and asks, and how to update your profile
  • 5:25 - How to leverage the Advisor Directory and connect with leaders
  • 5:55 - Keeping up with upcoming and past Events
  • 6:48 - The Propel Blog (you can write for it! reach out if interested)

Additional resources on Notion

Notion is an incredible tool for storing knowledge and content. We'll continue to use Notion for now to access these three resources:

Don't worry about bookmarking these, the "Handbook," "Cohorts," and "Resources" tabs on the left side bar will lead you to these pages.

What's next?

Take a tour of the Propel Portal and let us know what you think!

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