Tips for solo founders and what great mentorship looks like

January 23, 2021

On operating Pacific Fin as a solo founder

Working for yourself can be really hard. If you don't motivate yourself nothing gets done. But, that said, it's okay to take breaks. The organization is not going to end overnight.

On what he looks for in investments

I invest in CPG manufacturers, not brands. There's a very big difference there. So I'm looking at utilization rates, capacity, how efficient they are, is there spoilage and waste, etc. Some of the big questions I am asking are: Is the category you serve large and growing? Do you have differentiated processes to create defensibility? Is the return on investment capital attractive when spending money on new equipment to grow?

On general advice for new investors

I spend a lot of time thinking about what trends are exciting to me before looking for companies there. The more thematic you are, the more efficient you'll be with your time.

On productivity tips

I schedule my calls as early as possible. Any time someone asks me to get on a call, I ask them what time is the earliest they can do it, because that allows me to start my day as early as possible.

On mentorship

One of the biggest things I've learned is to ask the person you're mentoring what they want out of it. Success looks different for everyone.

On building a non-profit for students

I've had so many people invest their time and resources in me. I have a duty to pay it forward, and founding Access Distributed is one way I've done that.

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