Director, New Venture Strategy

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*Welcome! We are partnering with Applied to debias the hiring process and attract diverse candidates. Answering questions through the Applied platform replaces updating your resume and writing a cover letter and we expect it to take a similar amount of time (approximately 1-2 hours). You can email us at if you have questions before submitting your application. We look forward to hearing from you.*

At Newlab, we work at the intersection of hope and action. Our focus is on scaling new ideas and technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. We support our community of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and inventors through investment, venture building, and providing access to innovation studios. The Newlab Venture Studio creates businesses that use hardware, bioware, and smart software to positively impact the material world.

We believe:

  • Impact precedes profit. We exist to maximize wellbeing for people and the planet. Financial success is just one benefit of doing that exceptionally.
  • Transformative technology is foundational technology. It’s what is needed to solve today’s most critical problems. Our role is to create the ecosystem that makes it easier to grow these businesses.
  • In collaboration over singular vision. The world needs coalitions from across the spectrum of founders, government, corporate, science, and startups that come together to disrupt the status quo.
  • We need to move intentionally and fix things. There’s no point in changing the world unless we’re sure we are changing it for the better. 
  • In curiosity & generosity. Sometimes we just don’t know, and that’s okay. It’s our curiosity that pushes us forward. And it’s our generosity that unlocks solutions.   

The Opportunity

We’re looking for a Director of New Venture Strategy to drive our venture creation process from initial opportunity identification through concept validation to investment conclusion.  You are: - A Pioneer: you have the ultimate blend of optimism and pragmatism. You see potential where others don’t and you’re compelled to substantiate intuition through data and experimentation. You are driven to prove that it can—and should—be done. - Multi-dimensional: you know what makes a good business and you feel equally comfortable talking about customers, product builds, or financials. - The Irresistible Force: whether in charge or not, you’re the connector that enables teams to move through productive conflict to creative breakthrough.  

The Role

We don’t think that resumes are an effective way to find diverse talent. So we’re throwing them out. If you think you can do the job described below, show us by answering questions through our hiring platform, Applied. We’ll review your anonymized answers and get back to you within one week.   As Director of New Venture Strategy you will: - Surface and validate opportunities: Newlab identifies opportunity areas such as B2B businesses in cellular agriculture, biological sensing materials, or 5G smart software applications, then surfaces solutions to address them. In this role, you will systematically investigate those opportunities to determine which ones deserve our focus.  - Create and validate technology-forward business concepts: You will work with deep tech talent (scientists, inventors, engineers) to identify and validate investable business concepts, guide customer discovery and validation, and design the market offering. Then, you’ll work with the team to develop business models and compelling investment cases. - Develop pitch decks : You will communicate concepts through written and verbal presentations. You’ll create buy-in from our experts, investors, and leaders of industry, leading to investment and sales / supply partnerships that will help take our new businesses forward. - Codify ‘the way we do things’: You will utilize your own experience as well as those of Newlab’s community of entrepreneurs to build a market-leading set of best practices for de-risking and accelerating transformative tech companies. - Build out a team of ‘Dreamers who Do’: Every year, we aim to double our activity and we will expand our team to match that growth. You have the opportunity to build a team of designers, researchers, and strategists as we scale. We’re especially keen to speak with people who have done the above in hardware and biotech, but we are open to backgrounds of all types. In case you’re not sure if the above is you, you have likely managed teams in some of the environments below:  - Product innovation / growth strategy - Entrepreneur / early stage startup operations - Due diligence / Innovation Consulting - Design thinking / new product design - Investment / venture capital due diligence

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • NewCo upside participation
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Professional development stipend   We love questions. Ask yours at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
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