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At Burb, our mission is to build transformational community-first businesses. We're building the Community Lifecycle Management tool that's going to sit at the heart of those businesses, and which we hope will be the engine for community-powered growth. Our initial users are Course Creators, individuals with expertise that they share through courses and membership communities. As we prove out our mission, we'll be expanding to the whole spectrum of Internet Creators and Community Managers.

Our Stack

  • APIs run in our Django app on Python 3.9, tested with Pytest
  • Client is written in Typescript, using React 17, tested with Cypress
  • Infra is Docker Containers running on AWS Elastic Container Service, backed by RDS and Elasticache, all managed via Terraform
  • Code is hosted and reviewed and deployed via Github


  • $160k yearly salary, and equivalent to 1.0% of the company equity grant.
  • You’ll report to me, the CTO. I’ve worked at places like Patreon, Stripe, and Eventbrite, and spoken at conferences for Python, Django, and Node.js
  • Competitive benefits — we have a good base package, but also want to make sure it works for you, and will try to be flexible where we can
  • Unlimited vacation, with a two week minimum enforced by the CTO
  • Conference and education budget
  • 20% time to work on Open Source or other non-profit work. This will look like one day a week where you’ll still be “in the office” (we’re a distributed team, there isn’t really one office) but your work for the day will be the Open Source or non-profit work of your choice
  • Sadly, we cannot sponsor visas at this time.
  • If you currently live in the Bay Area or Greater Los Angeles, there’s a possibility of working with peers in a Burb office, if that’s your thing, but if you want to remain remote, you’re definitely welcome to. If you want to move to the Bay Area or Los Angeles, we may be able to help with relocation.
  • We do need you to be in Continental US timezone, or be willing to set your working hours to those timezones.


  • You’ll get to set the technical direction in whichever of our core technologies you feel most passionate about. Want to build a clean, modern components for React in Typescript? That would be amazing. Want to rethink how to build performant, flexible APIs in Django? Please yes.
  • If you are more of a client-side engineer, you will own client-side architecture and development as soon as you want to. If you are more of an API-side engineer, you’ll take ownership of that from the CTO over the next quarter.
  • Growth in your direction. This role would be an ideal starting point for transitioning into either Architect or Manager, and I’m excited to help you with whatever path you choose.
  • You’ll have outsize influence on technology and culture way during your time with Burb and beyond. Have opinions on hiring? Tooling? Agile? Processes? I literally can’t wait to talk about them.
  • If you’ve ever thought “when I get my chance, I’m going to do things right!”, let’s talk. I want Burb to be that chance for you.

What you’ll do

  • This is somewhat dependent on whether you choose a more client-focused or API-focused path. Here’s a whole mess of things you could do.
  • Take our backend from a robust beta to a powerful engine for API-driven development
  • Act as a leader to the engineering team, through mentorship, code review, and planning
  • Build community lifecycle automation tooling in a Zapier-like interface
  • Build data processing pipelines to help us consume tens of thousands of events per minute from the integrations our customers want monitored.
  • Build out automated tooling pipelines for integration testing, especially in the client-side
  • Create Burb’s first real component-based design system, based on our coming redesign
  • Build delightful customer interactions in the client
  • Build delightful APIs for developers in the backend.
  • Build customer-facing interactive data visualizations off the firehose of data we receive from our clients

About You

  • I do not expect you to have all of these! If you hit 50%, you’re an incredible candidate and I’d love to talk to you.
  • If you’re more client-focused, then you have at least 4 years of experience in React, and more than 2 years experience in Typescript
  • If you’re more API-focused, then you have at least 4 years of experience in Python, and more than 2 years experience in Django
  • Have experience with SaaS products, especially CRMs and integration configuration
  • Have experience with data visualisation
  • Have experience being a project or team lead
  • Have at least 1 year working hands-on with AWS products
  • Have experience with data pipelines

Our core values

We’re dedicated to being good neighbors deeply focused on outcomes for our whole community. That means we work with care, take ownership, and make sure our work serves our goals, and the goals of every user. If you identify with a group traditionally under-represented in technology or Silicon Valley, we especially encourage you to apply.

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