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We are seeking a senior solidity engineer to join and act as the key solidity lead for our team. You will act as engineer, consultant, architect and visionary to help us build the best Carbon Financing product in the ecosystem.


  • Build and maintain our NFT layers, abstracting away complexities for blockchain-related services
  • Create robust contracts for NFT from minting, buying, selling, to reselling, or burning
  • Detailed understanding of solidity and smart contract development and deployment
  • Familiarity with yield producing activities, like farming, lending and staking
  • Deep understanding of the EVM
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Ethereum Improvement Proposals
  • Knowledge of various blockchain implementations and their differences
  • Comfortable in a Linux/Unix environment (commandline, SSH, etc.)
  • Design and implement solutions to complex problems in large-scale infrastructure
  • Create web applications in a distributed environment
  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables
  • Experience with version control (git)
  • Team worker, easy and clear communication.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar experience
  • Self-study / research in relevant projects will would be advantageous for this role, minor training & guidance will be provided.
  • 2+ years of experience of hands-on full-stack software development with strong command of NodeJS (Typescript)
  • Experience with front development, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and extensive experience with front-end frameworks, including but not limited to: Vue, React is a huge plus
  • Experience with automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Highly motivated and interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency and DeFi
  • Open source experience is a big plus
  • Possess good learning ability, communication ability and analytical problem solving ability
  • Accurate coder who works with strict coding practices to minimize the risk of errors
  • Pro-active and a self-starter
  • Strongly preferred: a computer science degree and if not, a very good understanding of computer science fundamentals.

What we value

  • Leaders who will ensure we reach our vision for the best engineering and climate science teams in Canada
  • Motivating leaders who spend time contextualizing and sharing the company’s strategic goals to help others feel connected and involved
  • Driven, performance-focused leaders who don’t just run teams, but who constantly push them to achieve and level them up
  • Startup innovators who understand that we can’t move faster or win by creating endless processes, approvals, checkpoints, policies, or rules
  • Confident managers who can hold others accountable, and who speak out against mediocre or sub-par results anywhere at Sequestr.
  • Highly ambitious, big-picture thinkers who can imagine what Sequestr can be and can execute on our plan to get there in an impossibly short time.


  • Mission-oriented culture — if we can help you succeed and achieve your personal missions while sequestering emissions, all the better
  • Training / education as requested — if you’re interested in taking courses, or additional education to improve personally and/or professionally, we will compensate what we can!
  • Yearly WFH office budget for upgrades/improvements
  • Unlimited vacations but we mandate 3 weeks of time off per year — this is to encourage work-life balance, and reduce the risk of burnout.

About Sequestr

Sequestr aims to scale up quality supply within the carbon markets. We do this by vertically stacking pilot development, plan to scale, MRV tools, project registration, and project financing at each stage of project development. At the core of this is a standardized carbon rights management layer, a framework that increases funding availability and profitability to sequestration projects while providing future rights for businesses to generate and retire offsets. This layer also allows other protocols to build financial tools on top of our stack to allow for the liquidity and financial tools required to solve the chicken-or-the-egg problem in these markets today.

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